What to Look for When Buying Restaurant Seating

Vita Chair
When purchasing chairs, look for easy to clean designs. Avoid styles with lots of designs and crevices. They will be harder to wipe down and keep free of crumbs and other debris.

If you are purchasing chairs or restaurant booths with fabric seats, be sure to have the fabric treated with a stain resister. And plan to budget in at a professional cleaning at least once, preferably twice a year.

If you are planning on buying a couch or other comfy chairs for your waiting area, make sure they are durable and covered in an easy to clean material, like leather.

Your waiting area furniture should reflect your restaurant theme, just as your dining room or bar furniture. Consider that when choosing styles, fabric and size.

Chandon 3 Couch

If you need help deciding on what furniture is best suited for your restaurant or café, give us a call on 1300 728 874 and one of our design specialists will gladly help you.

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