Tips on outdoor hospitality furniture

Handy tips when purchasing outdoor hospitality furniture.

When buying outdoor hospitality furniture ensure the items state that they can be used outdoors. Most outdoor furniture will be UV stable and easy to clean. Timber furniture is great for outdoors although remember this can require a lot of maintenance such as lacquering or staining.

When purchasing café outdoor table tops I would suggest table tops such as the Werzalit Duratops as these have a great warranty, are weather resistant, wear resistant, easy – care & hygienic.

I recommend the best metal material to go for when buying outdoor hospitality furniture
is aluminium or stainless steel. Aluminium and stainless steel are both hard wearing outdoor metals, although you will find stainless steel can be more expensive and will require some maintenance depending on the quality. Do not purchase chrome when your furniture will be outdoors subject to the weather, especially near the ocean/salt water.

Don’t hesitate ever to ask your sale representative at Convenient Interiors if the furniture you are interested in, is suitable for the area you are furnishing.

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