Table Bases

Convenient Interiors provides a large range of table bases to choose from accompanied by a great range of table tops too. The reason Convenient Interiors do not sell ‘sets’ of bases and tops together is because we have found over the years that clients prefer to mix and match the bases and tops to their own taste and budget. Our range consists of many designs, materials and sizes. There are different metals to choose from when it comes to table bases such as stainless steel, aluminium, chrome and cast iron etc. There are also different heights to choose from; the standard table height is usually around 720mm high and the standard bar table height is usually around 1100mm high. You will also find most our standard table height table bases have corresponding bar height table bases to ensure consistency. Remember that when you go for a rectangle top for example 1100mmx800mm, then you need to select a twin base to ensure the base is stable enough for the large top. When purchasing table bases always check what is the largest size top that can go with that base and do not go over this recommendation otherwise tables can be unstable. Then there are also special table bases you can purchase form Convenient Interiors that can fold allowing for easy, compact storing. As you can see there are many options to choose from. If you need help, just ask our friendly staff. Happy shopping!

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