How to keep people dining at your restaurant during the winter months

With the chilly nip in the air this week, winter is definitely on its way and that means dragging people out of their daggy tracky-dacks and into your restaurant.

The three most important things to consider is:

  1. Is my restaurant setting warm and cosy for winter?
  2. Is my furniture comfortable enough that people are able to relax, stay and enjoy their experience?
  3. Is my food the best that I have to offer for lovely winter warm meals?

Most people when dining out usually aim to stay for about an hour. So how do you make them stay longer? Consider the ambiance you are creating? Think about ways to create a crackling fire, heating. Wooden furniture is great for creating warmth too. Make sure the chairs are comfortable. Choose options like padded seats. Give them comfort. We recommend the Cosmopolitan chairs. They are comfortable, have great padded seats and the Walnut or Natural colour works perfectly for that great winter dining experience.

Good food, Good wine, Great Ambiance and Comfortable seating are the perfect marriage for a great winter dining experience.

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