Furniture for Cafe or Restaurant

Choosing the right furniture for your café or restaurant seems straightforward, but getting it wrong can take your business from success to failure in short shrift. Following these 5 simple tips won’t guarantee success, but they will help you create a space that works for your business and that your customers love.

Furniture costs can run into the thousands, making it important to avoid silly mistakes. This guide will help you spot the pitfalls and help you meet the needs of your business.

Fit the Theme

Every restaurant or café needs its own theme. Whether it’s your local relaxed coffee shop or swanky downtown Michelin star, it’s important that the chosen theme permeates throughout the establishment. If you own a coffee shop that’s going for the urban grunge look, either recycle old furniture or give new models a treatment for a more weathered look. If your customers are expecting quality and are paying for a higher level of service, opt for more expensive wooden chairs rather than plastic.

Bar Stools

Having a bar can give your restaurant a lot of options. For example, if a group doesn’t have a reservation but is willing to wait 20 minutes, you not only get a full table you weren’t expecting but they’ll also have a few drinks while waiting! Bars are often in high traffic areas, so remember to think about the weight of each unit.

Style vs. Practicality

Those gorgeous large chairs and tables may look the part, but will they help you maximise the number of people you can serve? While you don’t want to squeeze your customers into small spaces, try and find a balance.  Remember, picking furniture isn’t just about style – there are also several practical elements that are integral to making the correct choice.

Furniture that Offers Flexibility

Also ensure that your furniture can be easily moved around for larger or smaller parties. You don’t want to turn away potential customers just because your establishment isn’t flexible. You should easily be able to serve both couples looking for a romantic evening and larger parties by simply moving things around a little bit!

Making Space for More Customers

Many restaurateurs leave money on the table by not having enough tables and chairs for occasions that are particularly busy. Think national holidays, celebrations, or random large groups that require additional room. To ensure you don’t miss out on such events, think about having expandable or foldable tables and chairs for a quick and dirty restaurant expansion. Another great thing about foldable items is that they won’t take up much space in storage.

Choosing Furniture for Cafe or Restaurant