Compact Laminate

Lately we have had many of our clients asking us what is compact laminate? We have wonderful compact laminate tops as an option with our commercial table tops so we thought we would find you links that explain what compact laminate is:

“Compact Laminate is a versatile, high performance material. Its solid laminated core comprises multiple layers of resin-impregnated quality kraft papers with, generally, a decorative surface on both sides. This impressively strong and damage-resistant homogeneous laminate has excellent strength.”

“Compact Laminate is a strong, self-supporting and moisture-resistant decorative panel suitable for vertical or horizontal applications.

Stylish in appearance, Compact Laminate is distinguished by its black core, giving it enhanced resistance to scratches, wear, chemicals and impact. The inherent strength of Compact Laminate makes it the superior option for shelving, benches, tables and workstations because minimal supporting framework is required.”

Our compact laminate tops are also suitable for indoors and outdoors.

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