Bentwood / Thonet Range Chairs

The original Bentwood chair was designed by German-Austrian cabinet maker Michael Thonet (often mispronounced Tho-Nay, the name should be pronounced Tone-et).

The Bentwood chair is an elegant and simple design which is made through revolutionary steam bending technology that Thonet mastered.

The curved backrest and support is made by heating the timber to 100 degrees Celsius, pressing them into curved cast iron moulds, and then drying them at 70 degrees for a further 20 hours. This results in a very strong, but light piece of timber left for the chair.

Chairs Are Suitable For Any Setting

One of the things designers love about the Bentwood chair is its malleability, its ability to take on a different feel in varying interiors. A great Bentwood chair can be a stately stunner in a more formal restaurant setting or easily be a Boho beauty in an eclectic café.

Here’s what I personally love about the Bentwood chair design.

Lightweight But Incredibly Strong Chairs

First, if you have never encountered these chairs in person, you might be surprised by how light they are. They aren’t flimsy, but they are strong and lightweight making them a cinch to move around.

Affordable Chairs for Any Venue

Secondly, this designer dining chair and accent chair is affordable. It was meant to be a reasonably priced, mass market chair at its inception and it still is. It is because of the utterly classic form and impeccable craftsmanship that this chair is still so pined for.

Right here in Australia, you can find some great Thonet designed Bentwood chairs. Find the style that speaks to you and then put your own twist on them for a highly individual, highly styled look.

View our range of bentwood chairs below.