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Finding the right barstool for your space doesn’t have to be as challenging as it sometimes is. Anyone who has inadvertently selected the wrong size barstool knows either the hassle of returns or living with smooshed legs or a bad fit. You can find a comfortable barstool and a design worthy barstool that fits your space to a tee.

Bar stools can be referred to differently by different companies making it sometimes confusing for consumers and designers alike to figure out the size and type of bar stool. There are bench height barstools, bar stool chairs, counter stools, standard bar stools and island bar stools.

The heights on these stools range from 45 cm for chair height barstool used around dining tables and up to 80 cm inches for restaurant-style and commercial bar stools. The standard sizes for bar stools has quite a bit of variation so the best thing you can do to insure a good fit is determine the size that works for your space and measure carefully.

Getting the Right Barstool Measurement

To get the correct and most comfortable bar stool height, you should have about 25-30 cm of space free between the seat and the tabletop, bar top or counter. So measure the height from your floor to the top of your table, counter or bar. Then subtract the free space to determine a barstool size range that would accommodate most people comfortably.

Barstool Features to Consider When Sizing

Bar Stools that have arm rests can be more challenging to fit correctly. Many consumers and designers alike appreciate the look of a barstool with armrests but then encounter the issue where they won’t tuck under counters or bars and must be pulled away further from the space. When considering a barstool with armrests, decide if you want the armrests to tuck under the counter or like the look of the barstools sitting a bit further back from your bar or counter.

Bar & Counter Features to Consider in Barstool Sizing

Some bars and counters feature an overhang that can make accurate sizing more difficult.  Significant overhangs can make it a tight fit for legs and knees. If your bar or counter features an overhang beneath it, a barstool on the somewhat smaller height might work best allowing for ample room for legs and knees to fit comfortably beneath your bar and counter.

Backless Barstools & Adjustable-Height Stools

Backless bar stools and adjustable-height stools will offer you a little more flexibility when it comes to getting a good fit. Backless barstools re easy to measure and assuming you get the height right, will tuck neatly under your counters and bar for a clean, organized look and feel. Likewise, adjustable barstool offer a bit of wiggle room that can accommodate a custom counter or varying size sitter.

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